META Medical Research Institute is an outpatient research center located in the heart of Dayton, Ohio. The institute shares space with several specialty outpatient clinics, including an accredited ASC, Imaging Department and Toxicology Lab. Advanced equipment and procedures deliver safe and effective healthcare. A HIPAA-compliant EMR was implemented in 2004, storing medical information for approximately 95,000 patient visits per year.

Benefits of choosing META Medical Research Institute as a center for your study:

Exclusive Recruitment Channels

META Medical Research Institute has high visibility to recruit patients for many conditions within our extensive database and inter-departmental cooperation with the following:

  • Pain Management Center – 5 Locations
  • AccessMD Urgent Care – 4 Locations
  • PureMD Laser Cosmetic Practice – 3 Locations
  • Vein Ablation and Treatment Center
  • Miami Valley Ambulatory Surgery Center
  • Dispensing and Compounding Pharmacies
  • Physical Therapy Institute


These combined clinics generate over 95,000 patient visits annually.

Extensive on Site Support Services for Research

  • EMG Nerve Conduction Studies
  • EKG
  • MRI, CT & X-Ray Imaging
  • On-Site Pharmacist and Compounding Pharmacy
  • 24 Hour Observation Units in Accredited ASC
  • Crash Cart
  • Ultrasound
  • ACLS Certified Staff
  • Double Locking Storage Room for Investigational Products
  • Capable of Conducting any Infusion or Invasive Device Clinical Trials

State-of-the Art Facility

  • Clean, Spacious Exam Rooms
  • Dedicated Monitoring Space
  • Comfortable Volunteer Lounge/Reception area