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There are major benefits to both COVID-19 antibody treatments and COVID-19 vaccines, but their goals and methods are very different. Antibody treatment is most effective for those who are currently diagnosed with COVID-19 and require immediate treatment. The COVID-19 vaccine is to protect from future infection of COVID-19. ANTIBODY TREATMENT Who should get the COVID-19

January 19, 2021
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META MEDICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE: DAYTON’S ONLY COMPREHENSIVE MULTI-SPECIALTY OUTPATIENT CLINICAL RESEARCH FACILITY DAYTON, OH, July 19, 2019 — META Medical Research Institute (MMRI) is the Miami Valley Region’s only fully-equipped outpatient clinical research center with access to the amenities, technology and patients of its neighboring Pain Management Center, Vein Management Center, Urgent Care, Surgery Center,

August 8, 2019
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